Introducing the BETTER DAYS Collection

Nature’s beauty, diversity and opulence has been a rich source for fashion designers for centuries. These fashions reflect our contemplation and fascination with the natural world but also covey an implicative and nuanced story about how we interact with nature. More importantly, how we see ourselves through our relationship with nature. Nowadays, designers are not merely satisfied with adding natural elements into their designs, but also tend to embed their personal experience and thoughts inspired from nature into the designs.

RICCIWEE introduces its new collection entitled ‘BETTER DAYS’, made for the Fall/Winter season. It honors the slow transition back to the harmony with the nature after the global pandemic. The collection is a perfect self-reflection on connecting to nature and embedded with the Eastern classical philosophy Shan-Shui. Shan-Shui in Chinese denotes two common elements in nature, “mountain and water”. They have been broadened to refer to nature in general: all tangible natural elements and landscape, as well as intangible natural forces and processes. For centuries, “Mountain and water” as a combination is seen as a primordial embodiment of virtue and beauty, as well as an interacting realm for human spiritual enlightenment. For Chinese aesthetic, Shan-Shui contains the very nature of soul for all creatures in connection. A harmonious co-existence with nature.

The new collection portraits the careful observation on the symbolic movement of Shan-Shui (Mountain and Water). Inspired by the shapes and textures formed through crashing waves, the Moana shirt offers a new level of intrigue from every angle. Waves crashing into the clifftops and sea ripples left in the sand are textures to be explored through the Moana jacket. With the delicate selection of mystic grey, black and white, the new collection refers to the ancient Chinese belief that omnipotent immortals are originated from mountains and water, and mountains could be media through which one can engage in communication with the immortals. Closing to nature leads to one’s spiritual liberation, is the essential idea of the new collection BETTER DAYS inspired from the consideration on the relationship between humankind and nature and the reflection on the Post-Pandemic period.