Who can participate in the RICCIWEE Loyalty Program?

 1. Customers who have previously made purchases with RICCIWEE are eligible to join the Loyalty Program, unless previously removed from the program for misuse or other reasons determined by RICCIWEE.

2. Customers under the age of 18 must obtain parental or guardian approval to join the RICCIWEE Loyalty Program.

3. Completion of the Loyalty Program Sign Up Form with accurate information is required to join.

 How to enroll in the Loyalty Program?

1. Complete the online RICCIWEE Loyalty Program registration form.

2. Earn loyalty points by shopping online.

3. Progress through our Loyalty Tiers using your earned points to unlock discounts, exclusive sales access, complimentary shipping and returns, special gifts, personalized offerings, and more!

Is enrollment free?


Benefits of joining the Loyalty Program:

 For Membership Tier (0 - 499 EUR):

- 10% off your first purchase

- Welcome Gift (100 points)

- Free shipping

 For Bronze Tier (500 - 1499 EUR):

- 15% off your first purchase at Bronze Tier

- Birthday gift 

- Free shipping

- Access to exclusive sales

- Early access to new collections by 2 hours

- Invitations to special events

For Silver Tier (1500 - 2499 EUR):

- 15% off your first purchase at Silver Tier

- Free shipping and returns

- Curated birthday gift

- Access to exclusive sales

- Early access to new collections by 4 hours

- Invitations to special events

- Double points days

For Gold Tier (2500+ EUR):

- 15% off all Gold Tier purchases

- Free shipping and returns

- Personalized birthday gift

- Custom sizing at no additional cost

- Access to exclusive sales

- Early access to new collections by 24 hours

- Invitations to special events

- One-on-one styling sessions

How to earn points?

 Points are earned by making purchases online at ricciwee.com or at our pop-up events. Pop-up attendees may receive additional points as a token of appreciation following a purchase, based on event-specific criteria.

Bronze Tier and above members can participate in our Referral Program to earn extra points. Silver Tier and above members also enjoy Double Points Days. (Further details on Double Points Days below.)

Points cannot be transferred for other store discounts and only individual purchases contribute to the points total. Points cannot be combined or shared with other customers.

Important note: Ensure consistent information across your Loyalty account and purchases to ensure accurate point allocation.

How are points calculated?

Points are awarded based on EUR spent, with customers receiving 1 point per 1 EUR spent, ensuring equal point allocation regardless of location.

Do previous orders earn points?

Yes. Points will be retrospectively awarded for previous orders made on our website, excluding returns, cancellations, and discounts, at RICCIWEE's discretion.

If I reach a new Tier, do I retain benefits from the previous Tier?

 Upon reaching a new Tier, benefits from the previous Tier are no longer accessible.

Can rewards be used together?

Rewards and discounts cannot be combined in a single transaction or with other rewards.

Can discount codes be used at pop-up events?

 Discount codes are currently applicable only for online purchases at ricciwee.com.

 How are returns managed in relation to points?

Points associated with returned items will be deducted from your points account. For items purchased during a sale or with a discount, points will be deducted based on the post-discount value.

For Gold Tier members, when do I receive my personalized gift?

Qualified Gold Tier members will be contacted by the RICCIWEE team after one month to initiate the process for a personalized gift. Further details will be provided at that time.

How do I receive my birthday gift?

Membership and Bronze Tier members will receive 100 bonus points on their birthday. Silver Tier and above members will be notified via email with details about their birthday gift, which can be collected in-store or included with their next order.

For Silver and Gold Tier members, when does the birthday gift expire if not redeemed?

Birthday gifts are valid for six months from the birthday date. Failure to redeem within this period may result in forfeiture.

When will I receive invitations to special events and pop-ups?

Invitations to special events and pop-ups are sent periodically via email to Bronze Tier and above members in advance of the event. 

How frequently will I receive communication about the Loyalty Program? 

Email communication regarding the Loyalty Program is sent only when rewards or points earning opportunities are available. To opt out of marketing emails from RICCIWEE, click "unsubscribe" in any email communication.

How to join the Loyalty Program?

To join the Loyalty Program, simply sign up at: https://www.ricciwee.com/#smile-home


Questions regarding our policies? Send us an email at info@ricciwee.com